Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pit of Happiness

Where the pit of happiness is:

Mid page, mid night, mid face.
Navel thoughts unfulfilling more questions.
Right now, mid self, I don’t think anything will snap.
I’m at the balance of polarity.

I'm so happy i started this blog!

Let Tannin Happen

Manufactured blend of earl grey
Brewed in a microwave
And late at lunchtime
There’s a wrong dose of sugar,
Bittersweet darkness, like last night’s dream- remembered, forgotten.
A tea gone boring
Is a mile I run

To reach a distance I may have to
coz it’s the course of the day.

I’ll take the good,
and let tannin happen.

I wrote that one long ago, in the middle of a busy quarter in business school. Surrounded by deadlines,a fabulous city, late night laughs and gossip sessions with my roommates, and so much of life to look forward to. 8 years later, the people that fill my days with laughter (and deadlines!) have changed, but, that need for my afternoon cuppa and the feelings that go with it haven't.

Welcome to my blog!

Life is too short to waste in boredom or mundane routine. Ever since life stopped revolving around just me (work, relationships, bills, routines, traditions.. whatever the excuse), I have found myself to not be able to find time to let myself go in a wild, creative pursuit. But my nature rounds me up and every now and then I throw myself back into a crazy creative whirlwind with glee.

You may write, photograph, draw, design, dance, sing, play, direct... just don't stop. Shine on, you crazy diamond.