Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let Tannin Happen

Manufactured blend of earl grey
Brewed in a microwave
And late at lunchtime
There’s a wrong dose of sugar,
Bittersweet darkness, like last night’s dream- remembered, forgotten.
A tea gone boring
Is a mile I run

To reach a distance I may have to
coz it’s the course of the day.

I’ll take the good,
and let tannin happen.

I wrote that one long ago, in the middle of a busy quarter in business school. Surrounded by deadlines,a fabulous city, late night laughs and gossip sessions with my roommates, and so much of life to look forward to. 8 years later, the people that fill my days with laughter (and deadlines!) have changed, but, that need for my afternoon cuppa and the feelings that go with it haven't.