Monday, July 19, 2010

My Disclaimer, By Conditioned Me.

In time, I will be remembered by a password-protected document of my writings. In time, I may never be known by this ridiculous document.
In time, I will learn more about me from my writings.
In time, I will deny all of it. I already do both.
When writing steps out from me, its colors are like tender flesh, not yet cultured by the skin of conditioning.

Conditioning stops us from being stupid, masochistic, and victimized by our whims, and sometimes makes us all of the above. But
Conditioning empowers me, and I look upon detachedly at ridiculous rhymes that should pass for ‘A Novel’, not inner voices of poetry.
Indeed, I should have been a poet-actress. All this drama! But
this is what I wrote before i thought about it.


  1. Eh, what conditioning? Air-conditioning or Hair-conditioning?

    This question is of the essence. I think the logical explanation is Hair-conditioning. Because GOOD hair conditioning prevents BAD hair days. And bad hair days are what makes us stupid, masochistic and victimized by our whims (among other things). Ergo, (good) Hair Conditioning STOPS us from being stupid, masochistic etc. QED

    Dammit my cleverness never fails to astound me. I am positively flabbergasted by myself

  2. Oh my dear, i am so flabbergasted myself. I shall leave your wisdom uncommented upon ;-p

  3. Hi Divya, nice to have known you through this blog through other links....I write a lot of information on where to buy interiors. check.lets connect.

  4. Hehe! I don't know which flabbergasted me more..your poem or your friend's comment :)

    Jokes aside, nice verses lady!